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Rumble’s Subscription Platform ‘Locals’ Announces Release of ‘Long Road Home: The Cash Family’s Untold Story’


Jack Vale independently releases latest film using Content+ on Locals

MIAMI, Oct. 7th, 2022 – Rumble, the video sharing platform (NASDAQ: RUM), announced the
release of the new documentary, “The Long Road Home,” on its subscription platform, Locals. 
The film by executive producer, actor, comedian, and YouTuber Jack Vale reveals the personal
stories of musician Johnny Cash and his family and their battle with substance abuse. It will be
available exclusively on Locals.

“I’m excited to release ‘Long Road Home’ on Locals and distribute this film independently,”
said Jack Vale. “It’s refreshing to cut out the middleman and have total ownership in a process
that is usually a lot of back and forth and more complicated than it has to be. Locals is exactly
what I need.”

Locals recently released Content+ to all communities, enabling any creator to distribute movies,
specials or other on-demand content. The platform has continued to release features to help
independent creators, including producers, video content creators, writers, and podcasters.

“We are thrilled to host Jack Vale’s documentary on Locals,” said Assaf Lev, President of
Locals. “It turns out many producers are looking for ways to have ownership and distribute their
films independently. We built Content+ with the needs of the creator in mind, and we are seeing
great success. We look forward to hosting many more films on Locals.”

The film can be purchased here:

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