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Famed Stock & Crypto YouTuber Matt Kohrs Makes Rumble & Locals his Main Platforms


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America’s fastest-growing video platform attracts famous YouTube star Matt Kohrs, who will end his use of Patreon for Locals and use Rumble Rants instead of YouTube Super Chat for read-outs

TORONTO, January 5th , 2022 — Rumble is proud to announce that Matt Kohrs has signed a deal to make Rumble and Locals his preferred platforms with exclusive content and exclusive audience engagement. Kohrs is known for providing commentary on finance, crypto and stocks and was at the forefront of the AMC (NYSE: AMC) and GameStop (NYSE: GME) movements. According to Playboard, in 2021, Matt Kohrs was the 3rd largest creator by Super Chat revenue on YouTube in the USA.

As part of the deal, Kohrs will end his use of Patreon and instead exclusively use Locals for all subscriber-only content. In addition to the Locals move, Kohrs will bring his video-on-demand content exclusively to Rumble at least 1 hour prior to any other platform. In his livestreams, Kohrs will read paid comments only from users of Rumble Rants, ending his read outs from YouTube’s Super Chats and Twitch tips and donations.

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“Adding Matt Kohrs brings one of the most prominent and significant creators in the finance world to Rumble and Locals,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski ahead of the announcement. “He is the future of financial commentary, and we are going all in by bringing him to the Rumble platform.”

“I’m looking forward to bringing the future of financial media and entertainment to Rumble,” Kohrs said.

Kohrs’s show will run Monday to Friday on Rumble from 9am to 11am, 2pm to 2:30pm and 3pm to 4pm ET. He will talk about the latest news in finance, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Throughout the show, Kohrs will engage directly with his audience and answer their questions about the stock market, exclusively engaging with tippers on Rumble using Rumble Rants.

You can find the official Matt Kohrs Rumble video channel here:
You can find the official Matt Kohrs Locals channel here:

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