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We are connecting video creators to all points of the internet, from a single centralized video platform. There is no better place to host, share, distribute, and extract value from your video. For newsrooms or brands, there is no better place to connect with creators!

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Video Platform

Are you a video creator looking for alternative video platforms? Are you looking for a centralized platform to manage all of your videos across the internet? Are you lacking distribution on and off YouTube? Do you want to create your own video channels? Do you want your video featured in the news? If so, you are ready to Rumble!

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  • Host Your Videos

    Upload and host your videos for free on

  • Create Channels

    We make channel creation easier than blinking your eyes.

  • Distribution

    Unlike other video platforms or MCN's, we actually unlock value by distributing to major publishers.

  • Monetization

    With partners like YouTube, Yahoo & MSN, we place commercials on your videos and pass the majority of the revenue back to you.

  • Share Your Videos

    We help share your videos with partners like: Google, YouTube, MSN, XBOX, Yahoo, Shaw Media, Bell Media, Post Media, Sun Media, Toronto Star, The Telegraph, Fuji Television, and many more.

  • Live Analytics

    Get up to date and real time analytics and earnings on your videos.


The Rumble VideoWire helps newsrooms and journalists identify the best social video news across 10 different channels of content and in multiple languages. Request a demonstration below.

Video Wire
  • Get Rumble Rank Scores

    Get access to Rumble Rank scores on all of our top videos. The Rumble Rank technology helps identify the value and virality of a video within its respective category.

  • Create Video Alerts

    Opt-in to receive daily catalog alerts and Rumble Rank alerts.

  • Video Organization

    Organize and analyze video content by Rumble Rank scores, channels, language and creators.

  • Create Stories With Creators

    Get direct access to content creators so your journalists can create stories around the content.


Are you interested in social video? We are the largest buyer of social video on the planet and home to the hottest viral videos found on the web. We are happy to customize your order based on performance.

  • Validated & Sourced

    We have a 24/7 news desk that sources, validates, and acquires videos 365 days a year.

  • Quality Guaranteed

    Using our Rumble Rank technology, we guarantee a level of performance with every video.

  • On-Demand Requests

    With the largest short form video distribution on the planet, our purchasing power makes it easy for us to take on-demand video requests.

  • Content in Multiple Languages

    We currently support social videos in French, Spanish, Japanese and English.

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